Crops and Solar Farms – Solar Sharing

  • Origins of Agyrivoltism

In 2013 Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries approved installation of PV systems on crop-producing land which was previously prohibited. This legislation open a way for implementation of a concept of “solar sharing”. This idea was developed by Akira Nagashima, a retired agricultural machinery engineer. When he studied biology, he learned that plants only need certain amount of sunlight to grow. Increase of solar irradiation over this optimum light saturation point does not improve effects of photosynthesis and can actually harm plants by causing more evaporation and lack of moisture.n-solar-a-20150917-870x525

Solar panels have been installed in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. | KYODO

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We just have ddfinished working on developing Solar Energy Analysis application. It is dedicated to help PV installation designers by providing fast  and easy to use analysis of annual  solar radiation. Program works on Windows and Linux computers.


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Comparison of Solar Energy Analysis and Shadow Analysis

I recently have been emailing with one of our customers about differences between Solar Energy Analysis and Shadow Analysis. I want to take this opportunity and share some parts of this conversion with you. This two plugins are made for different purposes, but at this articulate I would discus differences in solar radiation patterns.
I will start from compering results from Shadow Analysis (first picture) and Solar Energy Analysis (second picture). Both analysis below are made for spring equinox.
Inline image 1
Shadow Analysis
Inline image 2
Solar Energy Analysis

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